• Energy for the future with innovative business models  supported by technology transfer
  • Role model companies in natural gas distribution- Bursagaz and Kayserigaz
  • Biggest sector player after BOTAŞ-EWE Enerji
  • Service provider in energy and distribution-Enervis
  • Millenicom, owner of the most extensive fiber network infrastructure in Turkey

EWE Turkey Holding has a total of 5 subsidiaries, namely Bursagaz, Kayserigaz, EWE Enerji, Enervis, and Millenicom. The Holding offers customers services in the following business lines:

  • • natural gas distribution,
  • • energy trade and sales,
  • • energy services and
  • • telecommunications.

EWE Turkey Holding fulfills strategic duties in the coordination and management of group companies. Additionally, company closely follows investment potentials and opportunities in Turkey both in the energy sector and other lines of business. 

EWE Turkey Holding is the majority shareholder of Bursagaz and Kayserigaz, two leading natural gas distribution companies in Turkey. Bursagaz and Kayserigaz are the biggest investments of EWE Turkey Holding in Turkey. The companies carry out investments to offer natural gas, an affordable and eco-friendly fuel, to an increasing number of households and workplaces. EWE Enerji, another subsidiary of the Holding, offers services in electricity supply in addition to natural gas. The company manages Turkey’s biggest exclusive wholesale portfolio with an average natural gas supply volume of 2.5 billion m3 annually. Enervis specializes in audit, design, project-making, consulting, investment, service, maintenance and repair required by the energy market in areas of energy efficiency and renewable energy. Operating in the telecommunications sector, offering telephone and internet services as well as cloud solutions, Millenicom acquired more than 200 thousand subscribers in 2017, its first year of operation as part of EWE Turkey Holding.

As of the end of 2017, EWE Turkey Holding and its subsidiaries employ 916 members of staff and have a consolidated turnover of TL 2,391 million. Group companies reached a total of 1.4 million NIU customers in the same period, their consolidated gas supply volume amounting to 4.1 billion m3. EWE Turkey Holding is the fourth biggest gas supplier of Turkey in terms of the number of active subscribers in its portfolio.

EWE Turkey Holding builds its activities on the pillars of sustainability, working on creating added value to its customers and all other stakeholders. The Holding makes continuous contribution to the economy, environment and the society in line with its principles of sustainable profitability and efficiency.

EWE Turkey Holding carries out activities with a technology-oriented approach, seeking organic growth by expanding natural gas distribution regions,and planning to invest in information technologies, energy efficiency as well as renewable energy, regarded as the future of the world.

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