• Germany’s innovative, powerful and deep-rooted energy group
  • The largest foreign investor in Turkish natural gas industry
  • Three main focuses Energy, Telecommunication, Information Technologies

With more than 9.100 employees and more than EUR 8.3 billion euro in revenue as of the end of 2018, EWE is one of the largest energy companies in Germany.

As a deep-rooted German energy group with more than 85 years of history and experience, EWE was incorporated in Oldenburg, Lower Saxony. With its majority shares held by local municipalities, EWE Group companies focus on 3 main industries which are energy, IT and telecommunications.

EWE provides services in several regions in Turkey and Poland in addition to regions in Germany. The company is recognized as a reliable and creditable service provider in Germany and Europe thanks to its robust shareholding structure and local identity.

EWE operates in the Turkish market, which it entered in 2007, with its wholly owned subsidiary, EWE Turkey Holding. Being the largest foreign investor in Turkish natural gas industry, EWE continues to transfer its long-standing experience and know-how to its subsidiaries in Turkey.

Focusing on sustainability and smart technologies and combining digitization with its operational efforts, EWE keeps up with smart grids, renewable energies, e-mobility and similar innovations and trends coming up to the fore globally. Pioneering renewable energies since the 1980s, EWE concentrates on expanding the use of renewable energies, generating and consuming power more efficiently and reducing energy consumption. EWE’s wind, solar, biogas and hydroelectric power plants in Germany currently add up to an installed capacity of more than 370 MW.

Natural gas adds to a clean and climate friendly energy supply. As an expert in natural gas supply and storage, EWE holds 2.1 billion m3 of total natural gas storage capacity, contributing to Germany’s secure energy supply.

The expansion of renewable energies and their integration into the energy infrastructure are critical to the success of the energy turnaround. EWE is recognized for various innovative projects contributing to this success, for example the first German offshore windfarm alpha ventus, followed by more offshore windfarm projects in the German North Sea. In 2017, leading a group of 75 partners, EWE starts to realize a major showcase for the smart future energy supply in a German model region.


EWE Group 2018 data:
Revenue 8.3 Billion Euro
Electricity sales 34,034.9 m kWh
Natural gas sales 74,666.3 m kWh
Electricity customers 1.4 m
Natural gas customers 1.8 m
Average number of employees 9,134
Natural gas customers in Turkey 1,44 Million
Telecommunications customers 855,000

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