• For a clean Kayseri that is at peace with the green,  and friend with the blue
  • An exemplary service provider with a customer satisfaction up to 99%
  • A network investment of record breaking length in 2016

Kayserigaz commenced operations in 2003, following the first natural gas distribution tender held by Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA) in Turkey. Believing in the key importance of quality of service as well as that of the natural gas it supplies, Kayserigaz continues contributing to the development of Kayseri with its eco-friendly, reliable and innovative services to enhance quality of life.

Growing its subscriber base with each passing year, Kayserigaz has extended its services to every street, supplying natural gas to all zoned areas of Kayseri.

2016 saw Kayserigaz realize the biggest grid investment in its history,with 652 km. Along with accelerating infrastructure investments, Kayserigaz also increased its natural gas usage volume and subscriber base, while also building upon its already high customer satisfaction. Providing a reliable and uninterrupted supply of natural gas to Kayseri for the last 12 years, Kayserigaz increased its number of subscribers 23-fold since 2014, up from 20,000 NIU to 453,000 NIU (Number of Independent Units) as of the end of 2016. The total grid length, which reached 3,757 km as a result of systematic investments, has significantly contributed to this sustainable improvement. The company has invested TL 247 million in total so far in order to ensure a healthy and continuous natural gas supply in Kayseri.

Kayserigaz carries out all of its operations within the scope of ISO 9001 Quality, ISO 14001 Environment, OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety, ISO 27001 Information Security, ISO 10002 Customer Satisfaction and ISO 31000 Risk Management systems standards.

A world-scale success story in their own right, the Kayserigaz Solution Center and Call Center manage customer communication channels through a single platform and offer solutions to customer inquiries and requests without having to redirect calls. Kayserigaz Call Center’s 24/7 service structure enables subscribers to contact the center at any time. In addition, Kayserigaz is constantly in contact with its subscribers via the Live Support Line and social media platforms.

Kayserigaz provides a convenience for its subscribers and employees with its modern technological infrastructure that is constantly and systematically improved and developed upon, which is always active for potential collaborations. Kayserigaz aims to ensure the safety and continuity of natural gas supply through its SCADA Center and robust technology base. The company is able to monitor key data from its natural gas grid on a continuous, 24/7 basis, and from a single center.

Standing out with its sponsorships and cultural, artistic, educational, social and environmental activities as well as being an environmentfriendly company, Kayserigaz has received acclaim from its industry with its projects, holding a leading position with its campaign management and methods. A striking example of such projects is the Dolgi Children’s Theater, which reaches thousands of children every year with entertaining and informative activities on the topics of environment and energy.