Human Resources Policy

EWE Turkey Holding regards its employees as assets in line with its human resources policy and considers employee satisfaction as important as customer satisfaction for a sustainable line of achievement.

EWE Turkey Holding aims to become a corporate entity of which all stakeholders are proud to work and considered a benchmark in all the fields it operates.

The Holding seeks to position itself as a permanent player in Turkey with its targets of growth and regards its high-quality and competent human resources as an indispensable component of those targets.

EWE Turkey Group attaches key importance to and supports the professional and personal development of its staff.


EWE Turkey Holding’s human resources, shaped by a corporate learning approach, assume a great role in maintaining the Holding’s effectiveness and efficiency at the highest level possible.

The Holding’s corporate learning approach starts with the orientation training and continues with the regular “Employees’ Exchange Meetings”.


As per its HR policy, EWE Turkey Holding offers equal opportunities for all employees without any discrimination as to their race, religious belief, language, sexual orientation and gender.

EWE Turkey Holding aims to become a “preferred workplace” in the field of Human Resources and implements effective recruitment processes in order to employ promising colleagues in an environment of growing competition.

HR departments of EWE Holding and Group companies hold training sessions at universities discussing topics such as professional life and HR practices, and organize seminars to prepare young people for the business life. The common goal of those efforts is to maintain the sustainability of the professional qualities of the human resources structure by recruiting young and skilled employees.


EWE Turkey Holding’s fundamental HR principles include openness, sustainability, and respect for employee rights.

Employee satisfaction is measured with an annual survey whereby a variety of criteria, ranging from management approach to training programs, internal communication to social rights, and wages are evaluated by employees.

The Company takes necessary action and makes improvements in aspects of the enterprise that reflect a low degree of satisfaction.


EWE Turkey Holding attaches utmost importance to employee satisfaction and loyalty. In this context, a series of sporting and social events are organized across the Holding in order to enhance communication between employees, and to boost employee motivation and satisfaction.

In addition, employees’ families are invited to the events such as iftar dinners and picnics, reinforcing the sense of belonging to the Company.