• Natural gas and electricity wholesale
  • A reliable energy supplier

Having commenced operations in 2009, EWE Enerji is one of the leading players in the natural gas trade in the Turkish market. As the biggest player within the Turkish gas industry after BOTAŞ, EWE Enerji holds the leading position having the biggest private wholesale portfolio in Turkey with an annual trade volume of 2.5 billion m3.

Having also started supplying electricity in 2013, EWE Enerji is providing electricity to the customers having free consumer status with a business understanding based on the principles of customer focus and reliability. Standing out with the ability to provide the first bundle sale (electricity and natural gas) under a single company in the Turkish energy market, EWE Enerji is able to perform supply operations across Turkey.

The company continued to provide natural gas and electricity to natural gas distribution companies, organized industrial zones and free consumers in 2016. In 2016, EWE Enerji’s turnover reached TL 1,994 million.

EWE Enerji also offers value-added products and services in the field of electricity supply in line with its principle of customer focus.

Having started electricity supply services in 2013, EWE Enerji led the way in the Turkish energy market and launched the first “bundle” sales supplying both electricity and natural gas in 2015. Proceeding with its steady development in the field of electricity, EWE Enerji achieved a significant increase in the number of customers across Turkey, particularly in Bursa, Kayseri and İstanbul, owing to the Group’s synergy. While growing up in the corporate customer segment in the electricity supply market until 2016, EWE Enerji has also started to serve retail customers in 2016.

Energy sector is a dynamic area of business characterized by distinctive market structure and rapid fluctuations. In such a business environment, skilled human resources and an advanced technology based service infrastructure constitute the key competitive advantages of EWE Enerji. The primary objective of EWE Enerji in natural gas business line is to maintain sustainable and profitable growth in the market and to provide reliable and uninterrupted natural gas supply to its customers. In the electricity supply business line, EWE Enerji aims to complete the transformation in retail sales and to set itself apart from among the competition by responding to the needs of both corporate and retail customers with tailor-made products and solutions.

Accordingly, EWE Enerji focuses on increasing the number of customers with its customer-oriented approach while launching pioneering practices to lead the Turkish energy sector through its innovative business models.